The Dispatcher by John Scalzi

The Dispatcher by John Scalzi

Bullet Teaser:

  • Science Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Short Story
  • In this universe, there is a 999/1000 chance of coming back to life after being murdered.
  • Dispatchers, licensed killers, will kill you so you come back to life. Like if you are dying on an operating table, they would murder you so you come back to life in your apartment or if an athlete breaks a leg that will take them out of action, they would murder them to bring them back to life in full health.
  • A dispatcher goes missing and Tony, a dispatcher, must discover what happened to his friend and why.
  • Police investigations and gangs.
  • Very cool universe to explore, makes you wish this was a full story or series.

Book Description:

One day, not long from now, it becomes almost impossible to murder anyone—999 times out of a thousand, anyone who is intentionally killed comes back. How? We don’t know. But it changes everything: war, crime, daily life.

Tony Valdez is a Dispatcher—a licensed, bonded professional whose job is to humanely dispatch those whose circumstances put them in death’s crosshairs, so they can have a second chance to avoid the reaper. But when a fellow Dispatcher and former friend is apparently kidnapped, Tony learns that there are some things that are worse than death, and that some people are ready to do almost anything to avenge what they see as a wrong.

It’s a race against time for Valdez to find his friend before it’s too late…before not even a Dispatcher can save him.

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